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What are Liveable Homes?

The Liveable Homes initiative was developed to increase the number of private and public homes in Western Australia that are built with universal access.

Liveable Homes have good circulation spaces in key areas of the home

Liveable Homes are easy to move around in and easy to use. They are open-plan and designed to maximise space in key areas of the home.

Liveable Homes ensure people of all ages and abilities can live in or visit with comfort.

This resource was developed for people designing new homes or renovating existing homes. It is available online with other resources which are free to use.

Liveable Homes working group:

Housing Industry Association - Western Australia, Master Builders Association of Western Australia, Australian Institute of Architects - WA Chapter, Building Designers Association of Western Australia, Housing and Urban Research Institute of Western Australia, Western Australian Local Government Association.


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How the national guidelines work with the Building Code of Australia


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